Street Light Pole and Accessories:
  • Street Light Pole made of GI pipe of any dimension and shape and mounting brackets
  • Street Light Pole made of SS pipe of any dimension and shape and mounting brackets
  • Mechanical Structure of any design and engineering
  • Solar PV Module Support Structures
  • All metallic items for construction sites. (Shutter, Grill, Gate, pops etc.)
  • Factory, Warehouse Shades- pre fab.
  • All types metal Boxes (SS/MS) for electrical usage
  • Hospital/Hostel/Dormitory Metal Beds.

All products mentioned above are made in our owned full-fledged factory which is equipped with state of the art machineries and tools to manufacture all sorts of metallic structures.

Presently, the factory has throughput of delivering 500 street light poles per day. All experienced skilled workers is capable of producing fine finished street light pools, solar PV module supports structure frames, any kind of mechanical structures as per design and engineering set by customers. We continuously thrive to maintain optimum standards of products produced by the factory.

Having solid expertise in mechanical Engineering our engineers, welding mechanics, technicians deliver standard finished products and tailor made structural frames.

Renewable Energy Products:

Solar PV Module

  • Solar Inverter (String & Central)
  • Solar Street Light
  • Solar MPPT Charge Controller
  • Solar PWM Charge Controller
  • Solar Power Plant for commercial and industrial use
  • Solar Power Plant for C&I usage
  • Solar Thermal Water Heater
  • Solar Parabolic reflector for C&I usage
Machinery Products:

Machinery that we import and supply are Coffee vending machines, PET bottle bailing machines, Power tools, personal protection equipment (PPE). The company is ready to cater services for medium scale industrial equipment supply, installation and maintenance as well.

Coffee Vending Machine:


  • Type: Tea/Coffee machine (Dual Channel)
  • Certification: SGS
  • Material: Steel Body+ ABS Plastic Back
  • Power (W): 820
  • Style Design: Table top
  • Size: 300x400x670MM
  • Material Box: 1600mL x 3
  • Warranty: one year warranty.
  • Country of Origin: China
Fully Automated / Semi Automated Bailing Machine

Small-sized automatic horizontal baler, can be strapped by iron wire automatically, widely used in packaging factory, carton factory, printing factory, waste classifying processing stations, professional waste recycling station and other places; suitable for waste paper, cardboard, plastic, fabric, fiber, household garbage, and etc.

We provide a series of waste recycling equipment with the most advanced technology in the world, which include foam densifier, dewatering compactor, vertical& horizontal baler, crusher& shredder, washing line and pelletizing line.

Automated/Semi Automated non-woven mask making machine

Model: MK-290-2

  • Voltage: 220v/380v/customized
  • Air compressor: 6mpa
  • Speed: 120-180pcs/min
  • Power: 11kw
  • Machine weight: 2300k
  • Machine size: 9000*3000*1900mm